Based in the UK midlands, Unisex were formed in 1996 by Stephen Lawrie & Jo Doran from The Telescopes and Nick Hemming, who wrote the soundtrack to the Shane Meadows film "A Room for Romeo Brass". The group was structured around the songwriting partnership of Hemming/Lawrie. After a few warm-up singles and EPs, the spacerock masterpiece "Stratosfear" was released in 2000.

Stratosfear (2001) explores the outer reaches of inner space through a series of interrelated songs that represent unisex's bravest work to date. Highlights are the vocoder fazed tones of 'Full Force of the Sun', the sneaky drum &bass/jazz array of 'Sidekick & Emo', & the blissed out cosmic ecstasy of 'Autopilot', which features the lush harmonic unison of telescopes, Stephen & Jo. Stratosfear is a fusion of chilled out vibes, organic grooves & cinematic melodies, the definitive soundtrack for night owls everywhere.
Vendetta UK
Easily the equal of Telescopes classics like 'Celeste' and 'Flying'; tremendously hypnotic atmospheric effects.
The dazzling "Autopilot" and its technological ennui brings Unisex closest to the Radioheadesque: lovely piano, twittering groovebox, and the crying chorus, "I don't want to land this machine." Stratosfear's closer, "In Among the Breakers" is, at heart, stripped-down Nick Drake Brit-folk, launched into dead space, where the plaintive acoustic guitar and piano are girded by jagged cuts of electronic noise, echo and buzzing blips and beeps.
Forget Radiohead's 'Kid A', 'Stratosfear' should be talked about as one of the year's most innovative albums. Don't let it become a lost classic, buy it today.
Uncut Magazine UK
It begins with the vocoder-laden 'The Full Force of the Sun', a song to rival Kraftwerk for mystery and Sonic Boom for dreamy pastoralism. It continues with the delightful retro space age electronica of 'The Anti Gravity League' and Stephen Lawrie's familiar resigned vocals, chilled out instrumentation, cinematic sound scapes and a late-night vibe. Oddly, it recalls the playful dance motifs of Creation predecessors, the undervalued Telescopes.

released: January 2, 2001
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song list
1. The Full Force of the Sun
2. Calmer Song
3. Departure Lounge
4. The Anti-Gravity League
5. A Second Swell
6. Sidekick & Emo
7. Midnight in the Stratosphere
8. Let the Night Roar
9. Autopilot
10. In Among the Breakers

deadlock ep
released: November 23, 1998
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song list
1. Deadlock
2. TV Cowboy
3. Smash It In, Kick It On
4. Airtight
5. Deadlock Reprise

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